The inspiration for Smith + Rogue comes from firsthand experiences with two wild and scenic rivers in the west: The Smith in Montana and the Rogue in Oregon. But as we really thought about it, there was more to it.

Linguists call it a double entendre, fancy talk for a phrase with two meanings. The Smith is the hard-working craftsman/craftswoman devoted to the art of creating beautiful things, things that are passed down through the generations. And the Rogue, well the Rogue is the daring one, bold and fearless. One who is not discouraged by the prospect of adventure, wherever it arises.  The way we see it, these two attitudes or dispositions (if you will), are both necessarily to live a life worth living. Get out there and do your absloute best, but don’t be afraid to embrace the adventures that arise.


What do we mean by western? Western is more than a set of activities. It goes hand in hand with the spirit of adventure. That lunge into the unknown. Anything can happen on an adventure. The disciplines of life, whether that be ranching, climbing, skiing, surfing, or whatever, are containers that give us an opportunity to participate in the adventure.

Because what is life without the adventure? Life without adventure is futile and failing, bland and boring. There is something built into us that longs for mystery and the creativity that it produces.


We like to refer to our little group as the Committee. We are a loose band of westerners with many backgrounds, styles, and definitions of what it means to be "western".  Some of us rodeo, others climb and fish, skateboard, run rivers, hunt, ski, backpack, farm, ranch, play music, howl at the mountains, and we all love travel and adventure. 

We originate from Montana, America and somehow we all ended up making clothes and gear, far from any of our minds growing up.  Now it has become a passion. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our products, love of adventure, and western style with you.  


Check out all the episodes of The Committee on our YouTube page @smithandrogue


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