Adventure Begins With the Act of Unknowing

Adventure itself is defined by the unknown elements of life. It always involves some headlong plunge into unpredictability, into the unknown. And if adventure were predictable and quantifiable, then well we wouldn't call it adventure. We'd just call it algebra or something.

Experts can have a hard time with adventure, wanting things figured, anticipated, and calculated. An expert is a nice thing to have around when expertise is needed, but most times the fun is in overcoming the challenge of not knowing. The need to be an expert often inherently sucks the fun out like a leech sucking blood from its host.

Why do we adventure? Is it to become experts? No, we adventure because it is fun, and it feeds our souls. Get out there and check your expertise at the door. Go be challenged, even uncomfortable, and put up with the pain. It is these experiences that have the most potential to teach us, about ourselves and about the others we share adventure with. It brings us together, builds community, and character. 

So go out and get off trail, climb an unknown route, fish an unknown spot, get a flat tire, get stuck, hike a mountain with no trail to the top. Test yourself and adapt. Go on an adventure. It’s good for your soul.